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pdf Makini Schools Biweekly Digest Issue 19

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Makini Biweekly Digest Issue 19.pdf

Editor's Note

Dear all,

We are so pleased the term ended well. The children were enthusiastic about academics, sports, culture and the music festivals- which is what we have showcased in this issue; the nurtured talents. They also embarked on some final trips before we step into the more solemn term three, where they will be wrapping up another academic year and preparing to sit for national exams. Download the Digest and get to know more about all the highlight events of term 2, including more on what the children do in Clubs.

Happy Reading!

pdf Makini Biweekly Digest Issue 18

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Biweekly Issue 18,2017- Message from Upper School Student President .pdf

Note from the Editor:

Welcome to Digest Issue 18!

Dear Readers,

The more we narrate the stories, the more we are awed by the wonderful children and teachers we have in our schools.

In this issue, the power of story-telling is depicted in some of the articles written by the children themselves; something we will fervently encourage going forward.

With leadership as the theme of this issue, we would like to see them take the lead on their narratives.

Also covered in this issue are some interesting trips and other forums our children have participated in.

Happy Reading!

pdf Makini Biweekly Digest Issue 17 Popular

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Makini Biweekly Digest 17 reduced.pdf

Note from the Editor:

Welcome To Digest Issue 17!

As always, it has been an eventful month here at Makini.

This time round we have brought into focus the foundation of our children's great achievements at the Pre-School section.

Read more to find out how our youngest pupils are moulded into the confident scholars witnessed wherever Makini Schools is represented; as far as at the prestigious Choate Rosemary Hall in Connecticut, USA, where some of our alumni are attending high school on full scholarship.

Happy Reading!

pdf Makini Biweekly Digest Issue 16 Popular

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Biweekly Issue 16, 2017.pdf

Note from the Editor
We are about half way through the term and it is amazing to see how engaged our children are in all they do. The school keeps growing and advancing in the programmes offered, as we see with the Cyber School initiative and more. Read the digest to get the full stories.
Happy Reading!

pdf Makini Biweekly Digest Issue 15 Popular

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Makini Biweekly Digest 15 Final.pdf

Dear All,

Digest Issue 15 is out. Putting things on record makes us realise how much is really going on, as well as reflect on where we are going.

Happy Reading!

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