Makini Junior School Migosi

Makini School Migosi, the smaller of the two Kisumu campuses, was founded in 2014. It comprises of Nursery to Class 3.

Located close to the city centre, it has a spacious playground and beautiful classrooms.

After the completion of Class 3, the pupils progress to Makini Kibos which has larger grounds and runs upto Class 8.

Areas of focus:

As in all the campuses, the focus is on holistic education and incorporates this in:

  • Language
  • Handwriting
  • Term Projects
  • Games, sports and outdoor activities
  • Clubs

Learning corners and relevant learning aids are used to encourage pupil participation and engagement in their learning.





Guidance and Counselling Services

Makini Schools has counsellors and trained peer mentors available to all pupils and students. They aim to guide the children toward being dependable, responsible, high achievers, problem solvers and morally upright individuals.

All sections/ campuses have teacher counsellors (both female and male) who have not only studied psychology related units during their teacher training, but have also been equipped with enough guidance and counseling skills through further training arranged by the school management.

Panel subject teachers, class coordinators, senior teachers, deputies and head teachers of every section play a key role in supporting the Guidance and Counseling services. The committee has been implementing the national Guidance and Counselling standards which are in line with the Makini Vision and Mission. They are divided into three groups: academic, personal/social and career development.

School counsellors design and deliver comprehensive school counseling programmes which are comprehensive in scope, preventive in design and developmental in nature.

Such programmes enable our learners to explore hidden talents, self, strengths and weaknesses and further use the given opportunity to transform and transcend the anticipated moral values.

Makini Sports Academy

Founded in January 2009, the Makini Sports Academy (MSA) is a Not-For-Profit organization that seeks to promote, nurture and create opportunities for the holistic development of sports in the country.

MSA is fully cognizant of the power of sports to promote healthy emotional, social and mental development in young people, the increasing profitability of sports and sporting talent globally and the cumulative capacity inherent in sport to achieve national development

The academy offers the following sports: Swimming, Basketball, Football, Rugby, Ringo, Tennis, Golf, Skating, Volleyball, Skipping and Hula-Hoop.

You do not need to be a Makini student to join the Sports Academy. Entry is open to ALL individuals, of age 3 and onward.

Contact us on:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: +254 (020) 3874950/51 ext. 134

Makini Sports Department

Makini Sports Department has a wide range of both indoor and outdoor sports for our students. The department nurtures talent and through that they have been able to have the best teams in very many sporting activities as part of the Sports Academy, in-house competitions and inter-school competitions.

The Makini Sports Department offers the following sports:

  • Swimming
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Ringo
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Skating
  • Volleyball
  • Skipping
  • Hula-Hoop
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