School Facilities

Makini School has invested in well-placed structures and facilities aimed at further enhancing and complimenting learning, and these include

ICT Labs                                    Science Labs

Art and Music Rooms                Multi-media Libraries

Resource Centres                      Guidance and Counselling Centres

Our Sporting Facilities include:

25m Standard Swimming Pool         Asphalt Outdoor Basketball Court

Carpeted Football Pitch                  Rugby Grounds

Jungle Gyms                                 Indoor Table Tennis and Chess Space

Other services we offer are:

Makini Schools provide door- to-door transport services. Our buses are driven by qualified and experienced drivers to whom child and road safety are always priorities. The drivers are accompanied by assistants who help monitor the children while on the bus. 

Makini has won the Best School Transport Service awarded by the National Road Safety Agency, 3 years in a row.

The school has sick bays in all the sections/campuses with qualified nurses who offer first-aid services to our children. Ambulance services are always at hand in the case of emergencies.

We offer nutritious and well-balanced meals and maintain strict policies on hygiene while handling food. 

The school is under 24-hr CCTV monitoring, but aside from that has vigilant and trained security forces ensuring the safety of the children.

Makini School, off Ngong Road
Dr. Mary Okelo

Executive Director
Tel: +254 (20) 3875006

Angelica Ouya

Operations Director
+254 (20)3875006

Mrs. Margaret Openda

Senior Administrator
Tel: +254 (20) 3877148

ext. 104

Mrs. Scholastic Kweya

Academics Director
Tel: +254 (20)3874950

ext. 130

Ms. Felisters Kiendi

Headmistress, Upper School

Tel: +254 (20) 3874950

ext. 101

Mrs. Jean Wachira

Headmistress, Middle School
Tel: +254 (20)3871390

ext. 127

Mrs. Monica Otieno

Headmistress, Junior School
Tel: +254 (20)3874950

ext. 129

Mrs. Pamela Sichenga

Headmistress, Pre-School
Tel: +254 (20)3874950

ext. 162

Makini High School, off Ngong Road
Mrs. Immaculate Musambai

Tel: +254 (20)3874258

ext. 186

Makini Junior Academy, State House Avenue
Mrs. Catherine Njuguna

Tel: +254 (20)2712089

ext. 116

Makini College, State House Avenue
Mr. Joseph Okelo

Tel: +254 (20) 2712089

Makini Pre-School, Migosi
Mr. Patrick Imbuga

Tel: +254 722 620 416

Makini Junior School, Kibos
Mrs. Margaret Wanyonyi

Tel: +254 774 620 411

Dr. Mary E. Okelo : Executive Director

Dr. Mary Okelo is a force to reckon in the entrepreneurial world. She is a banker by profession and she is reputed to be the first woman bank manager in Kenya. She is the force behind the success of Makini Schools; due to her good work she has received immense recognition and awards.


Mr. Joseph Okelo : Director

Director Joseph Okelo works hand in hand with Dr. Mary Okelo, and the rest of the team, to ensure the smooth running of Makini Schools. He is also the Executive Director at the Makini College and Consultancy. Added to that, he is a Director of the Global Travel and Tourism Partnership (GTTP) East Africa, the umbrella organization responsible for GTTP Kenya and GTTP Tanzania.



Dr. Claire Niala : Director

Josephine Claire Niala is passionate about children and education. She brings to her position as director training in psychology, Montessori early learning childhood education and Waldorf education.
Margaretta Wa Gacheru : Director
Margaretta holds a master’s degree in education - the first of her four master degrees. She also holds a master’s degree in African literature under Ngugi Wa Thiong’o. Currently, she works in journalism. Since joining the Makini Schools board in 2012, she contributes her expertise on national affairs, education and sociology.

Dr. Paul Wangai Jr. : Director
Dr. Paul Wangai Jr, is a Consultant Physician trained in Kenya and the USA, and based at the Aga Khan Hospital. Paul has been part of Makini Schools since its founding in 1978. His children were educated here. Dr. Wangai has mentored young doctors who are Makini Alumni.
Prof PLO Lumumba
Prof PLO Lumumba, former Director at the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission, is currently the Director of the Kenya School of Law. He is well known for his patriotic speeches calling on the youth to be game-changers, to serve their country and continent. During Makini events, he speaks on integrity and leadership among other things. To the board he offers his expertise on the Kenyan law.

Dr. AkeloI am delighted to welcome you to our website. We hope that here you will have a feel of all the opportunities our schools offer to the children. We thank God for bringing us this far. We put God first in all our endeavours and embrace good moral values: humility, peace, hard work and love.

Since Makini’s founding in 1978, the school has been a leader in Kenyan education. Learning should be fun and intellectually stimulating. Here at Makini, not only are we a centre of academic excellence but our quality education extends to excellence in sporting and co-curricular activities. In everything we do, the Makini family follows the school motto, “Fanya Kwa Makini”, where we put effort and work with diligence towards our personal and shared goals.

Makini’s teachers are highly committed and motivated to bringing out the achiever in each child. To further nurture this excellence in all spheres of our children’s lives, our school created the Makini Sports Academy founded in 2009. The Sports Academy has a particularly strong swimming team. Our children, starting from the little Pre-schoolers, have excelled in the National Music and Drama Festivals and have had their artworks displayed in various institutions such as the Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi.

Makini was the first Kenyan primary school to incorporate computers as a learning tool. The children and teachers continue to be up-to-date with the digital age.  E-learning has been incorporated and has proven effective as we groom our children to retain knowledge and move away from the ‘teach to test’ methods.

Even as we accommodate the digital age, Makini continues to instill a strong reading culture in all our children. Our libraries are well-stocked, and in fact, we have been a recipient of the Maktaba Library Awards several times, for having one of the best libraries among Kenyan private schools.

Psychologist B.F Skinner said, “Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten.” We prepare our children for life outside formal education; Makini is also an eco-school, all our children are educated to be conscious of their environment, socially responsible and diligent in all they do.

It is therefore no surprise that Makini alumni have gone on to be successful community builders. To name one instance, the first female Kenyan pilot, Captain Irene Koki Mutungi, was at one time a student of Makini.

I welcome you to visit Makini, a school at the forefront of quality Kenyan education.

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