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Sick Bay

Makini Schools has well-equipped sick bays in our various campuses with qualified nurses who offer first-aid services to our students..

In case of any emergency, we outsource ambulance services from Emergency Medical Services and, in certain cases, a child can always be referred to a hospital/medical facility of the parents’ choice.

Our nurses attend to pupils when they become sick while at school. The nurses also take care of pupils who require regular medication to be administered to them during school hours. Parents/guardians send the medication to school, clearly labelled with instructions on how it should be administered. The medicine is safely stored in a locked cabinet, available for use to students under the supervision of the school nurse.

First aid is provided for minor illnesses e.g. headaches, stomach aches, abrasions and in emergency incidences that occur at school.

With major injuries, pupils are usually referred to hospital. Students are instructed to report to the teacher in class if they feel unwell during a lesson. The teacher will then issue them with a pass to permit them to seek medical attendance at the sick bay, also referred to as the Sanatorium.

The nurse assesses the nature and condition of the pupil, administers medication as necessary and decides whether or not the condition requires the parents/guardian to be notified. The child may need to be picked from school by the parents /guardian for further medical attendance. In emergency cases, an ambulance is called for.

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