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Makini Junior School Elects Its Leaders

06 April 2016

April 1st was the date of election in Makini Junior School. This came after an intense campaign period that lasted two weeks. The students of Junior School decided to let their voices be heard by voting for their leaders.

The posts up for grabs were :

  • School Head boy
  • Deputy Head boy
  • School Head girl
  • Deputy Head girl
  • Governor – Level 2
  • Deputy Governor – Level 2
  • Governor – Level 1
  • Deputy Governor – Level 1

All the above posts were heatedly contested. The following pupils emerged victorious.

  • Emmanuel Ackel – Head Boy  -226 Votes
  • Richie Rich Achacha – Deputy Head Boy – 159 Votes
  • Abigael Achieng – Head Girl – 91 Votes
  • Tamia Yogo – Deputy Head Girl – 136 Votes
  • Neema Wambui – Governor Level 2 – 86 Votes
  • Natasha Wamuyu – Deputy Governor L. 2 – 93 Votes
  • Shanon Toria – Governor Level 1 – 129 Votes
  • Laila Lelo – Deputy Governor L. 2 – 86 Votes

The election observers, teachers and students termed the process as fair and very transparent.

The family of Makini Junior School led by the head teacher Mrs. Monica Otieno really appreciates the entire Makini School for their support and effort to see to it that the process was a success. Thank you and God Bless.

Compiled by Teacher Beryl Nungoh

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