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Pre-Unit Graduands Meshack Warambo

Junior Academy Celebrates Pre-School's 9th Graduation Ceremony

26 October 2016

At the end of each year, we share happy-sad moments, as we send our graduates and leavers to the next stage of life. We are happy for them, but sad to see them go- to the next class, another school, another of our campuses. Day in day out, our teachers get to know each child individually and naturally develop a bond. The children trust their teachers so very much, that even parents often try to get to their children through the teachers. Pupils see their teachers as infallible, their authentic and valid authority outside the home. Hence, it is indeed happy yet sad, but for the glory of the Almighty. How grateful we are that they have all made it!

This year, the Makini Junior Academy on State House Avenue got the chance to host their graduation ceremony on their own grounds, separate from the mother campus, off Ngong Road.

It was a lovely intimate graduation. Pre-Unit upon entering class 1, will transition from activity areas to subjects, as explained by our Master of Ceremony, non-other than the most jovial Tr. Adelaide Ingosi- who teaches both Kiswahili and French.

The Junior Academy also says goodbye to their Class 4 pupils who will be joining the mother campus for Class 5. But the ceremony held on October 25th was to particularly esteem the Pre-Unit graduates who would be starting a new phase in their life- Primary School.

The ceremony began with opening prayers by a pupil, Enoch Osteen, and by Tr. Muteti. Following this, the scouts demonstrated their routine and a class played the National Anthem on the recorder.

Head Teacher Mrs. Catherine Njuguna welcomed all the parents and recognized the progress made. “We work as a triangle here, the parents, the teachers and the pupils. None can do it without the other,” she said.

The children did amazing performances, from musical instruments to dance, hula-hoop (Makini’s signature Pre-School and Class 1 performance), poetry, reporting club giving the latest news in a humorous style and a splendid salsa dance coordinated by Tr. Brenda.

Guest of Honour Mrs. Nellie Olang’, who is an Early Childhood Development Tutor and was once a Deputy Head Teacher at Makini Junior School graced us with her presence. She described the child as a flower which starts from the seeds, and if we force open the buds we destroy the flower- it will not grow. If we let the flower take its natural course it will bloom, and each flower will bloom differently and be beautiful individually and together, as a bouquet. “Children need time,” she solemnly said.

PTA Representative, better known as Mama Hayden, also gave a few words reminding parents to be there for their children as much as life has become busier and chaotic.

House of Jether which runs the music programs at the school had one of its director and Jazz Musician Mr. Hellon give an exquisite performance of Breathless by the legendary Kenny G.

Winnie from the Winnie Wynton School of Music encouraged the school to continue the nurturing of music talent. She noted that our Director Joseph Okelo, who was present at the ceremony, was an ardent flute player and studied Music Theory. Music, even if not pursued in the long run, is important for Early Childhood Development. Winnie highlighted that Music training improved children’s reasoning and memorizing skills, their coordination, craftsmanship and emotional development other than keeping them engaged in a positive way.

The graduates then got to perform their Graduand Speech and Poem and were awarded their certificates. How Angelic and elegant they looked in their graduation gowns.

The ceremony ended with cake cutting and lunch.

With all the talent and confidence witnessed, the parents and teacher were nothing but sure that the pupils were very ready for the next phase.

We wish them the best of the best and more! The Makini Management extends a big thank you to all the teachers for the great work they have done and are doing, to the parents for their continued commitment and to our Directors for ensuring all the necessary facilities are available. A thank you to the whole Makini Community at large.

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