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Art and Design Department

Art & Design is open to any interested child who desires to venture into Visual Arts and may sit for it at O level or pursue it as a future career.

Apart from the established academic programme, we encourage the Art students to take part in Art contests, symposiums, exhibitions and field trips.

This is done with a view to enhance the children’s creative abilities and to nurture an appreciation for the role of Art in day-to-day human activities.


Quite a number of alumni have gone into creative fields. These include:

  1. Fiona Onyango (2012) – who is on her way to completing her studies in Business in preparation for starting a fashion design line;

  2. Matilda King’oria (2011) – Fashion designer & Stylist (Brand name: MxM Afrika);

  3. Sarah Mugambi (2009) – Fashion designer (Brand name; Sara Karay);

  4. Edgar Okaya (2005) – who has tried his creative hand in quite a number of areas;

  5. Samora Maranya (2004)– who found Art very helpful to his medical studies at university;

  6. Abigael Kubasu & Naphtaline (2008) – Fashion design and held regular Art camps;

  7. Lucinda Ochieng (2010) – Freelance Artist (Brand name: Lucinda Leo Art);

  8. Shawn Muraya (2011) – An Architect who works in the family business of real estate developers, the renowned, Suraya Property Group LTD;

  9. Elvis Wairia (2015) – is set to for Malaysia to pursue a degree in Animation;

In corporate social responsibility, we have produced Artwork for the Kenyatta National Hospital.

As a department we strive to use Art as a visual stimulant, in therapy, communication (sign boards, notices, offices, classrooms, buses etc) within the school’s immediate environment, in branding the school’s corporate identity. Our other activities include: producing designs for décor and costumes for both Music & Drama Festivals and Cultural activities.

Mr. Meshack Okanga, Head of Art Dept.
Mr. Meshack Okanga, recently retired long serving Head of Art Dept.


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